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Photo Shack

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Organize your photos and videos into your own libraries, sub-libraries, and albums without having to duplicate any of them. Read, modify, and view your photos’ embedded EXIF and IPTC metadata. Find your photos in seconds by doing word searches or high-speed visual scans. See your photos in their full resolution with smooth, extended zoom. Display your photos on the iPad screen or a nearby screen, via AirPlay, and share them freely among apps and among friends, colleagues, and clients. Photo Shack is designed to give you full control of your iPad’s Photos Library while maintaining all the benefits of easy synchronization with iTunes, a single database of photos (Apple's own), and simple and powerful organization, annotation, and viewing of your photo and video collection.

Photo Shack embodies some very comprehensive functionality for managing your photos. These robust features have come from years of serving the professional and enthusiast photographer community, and listening to their valuable insights and suggestions. Here's a sample of what Photo Shack can do:

Key Features

  • Find photos in seconds
    • Search by Date, Comment, Title, Filename, Rating, Location, Country, and Keywords
      • Search for multiple keywords at once, ANDing, ORing, or ALLing keywords together.
      • Automatically create albums from your search results.
    • Sort by Date, Comment, Title, Filename, Rating, Location, Country, or Keywords, or using drag-&-drop.
  • Spot the exact one you’re looking for
    • Visually scan photos in any one of three sizes, compared to Apple Photo’s single, 30-per-screenful size:
      • Small thumbnails (~100 per screenfull).
      • Large thumbnails (~20 per screenfull). Good for finding the one you want among similar photos.
      • Preview (~6 per screenful) Big enough for viewing as well as finding.
    • Display Filenames, Titles, or Date in larger thumbnail views.
  • Enjoy what you’ve found
    • Use Preview mode to enjoy your pictures six at a time, instead of one by one.
    • Smoothly zoom full screen photos well past the maximum size of the iPad Photos app.
  • Display your pictures in advanced, high-quality slideshows
    • Select among 8 different transition options.
    • Play background music during slideshows.
    • Show Filenames, Titles, and Star Ratings while displaying photos.
  • Throw your pictures to the big screen using AirPlay mirroring.
  • Easily share your photos and photo albums in many ways:
    • Send to other 3rd-party apps, such as "DropBox" using “Open in...”
    • eMail one or more photos at a time with metadata modifications.
    • AirPrint to an AirPrint compatible printer.
    • Copy to the iPad's global Clipboard, to be pasted into another app.
  • Save time, space, and effort
    • You easily build new and powerful access to all or selected parts of your existing iPad Photos library
      • The iPad has a central database of all photos that can be used by native as well as 3rd-party apps. We use that same database, but give you new powers to sort, search, and annotate your images.
        • Your pictures appear to be in Photo Shack, but actually remain in your iPad’s Photos Library.
        • You continue to enjoy the convenience of iTunes photo synchronization while optimizing photo accessibility and conserving storage space.
    • Display Filenames, Titles, or Date in larger thumbnail views.
  • Gentle learning curve made even easier with
    • Integrated "Getting Started Guide".
    • Top rated customer support on the App Store.
  • Here are just a few of our features for the professional and advanced user
    • Use PhotoStudio custom effects editor to apply permanent crops, photo masks, and chromatic effects.
    • Create your own libraries, sub-libraries, and albums in any organization you want.
    • Cut, Copy, and Paste photos and videos within and between albums.
    • Use "Portfolio Mode" locking to prevent changes to or navigation outside current library.
    • You may automatically assign Filenames, Titles, Comments, and Ratings from each photo's IPTC metadata upon import.
    • Rotate, Pan, and Zoom photos, temporarily or persistently.
    • View and/or change complete photo information (filename, title, etc.) and view EXIF metadata.
    • View and/or change geographical GPS location where your photos were taken.
    • Batch modify photo information, including filenames, titles, star ratings, etc.