iPad Virtual Photo Album


A virtual photo album for your iPad that looks so real and works so intuitively you'll never go back to paper albums again.

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iAlbum turns your iPad into a beautiful fully functional virtual photo album, complete with realistic page turns, album covers, linen pages, and photo corners. You flip through the photo album pages by swiping your finger across the page, stretch or shrink your photos by pinching them, and rotate photos by twisting them.

iAlbum is a great way to present and display your favorite photos in a genuinely realistic, natural and intuitive  More... photo album that embodies not only your photos, but your personal artistic layout creativity. A great way to organize and share your favorite photos.

Key Features

What people are saying about iAlbum:

"I was hesitant at first because of the previous reviews, but I took a chance and downloaded the latest version. It works great! Very intuitive and a fantastic way to display groups of photos just like a real photo album." -- Eastlakecat on iTunes

"the new version is outstanding...great work...this WAS already one of my favorite iPad apps...now it’s even better...SO many new features!" -- Drew, USA

"Played with this for about six hours. No problems. My (other photo app) App bought right after my iPad is already replaced by this and will be deleted." -- Holly, Canada

"I have just updated iAlbum on my iPad to v1.2 and for the most part I just love it! It was an excellent app before the update, and now it’s that much better... a 5-star app for me." -- Diane, Canada

"They fixed it! Works great. This is very nice app. Just like having a photo album on your shelf. A little difficult to do at first but once you read the help file it works just great. I love this app." -- Harriet61 on iTunes

"Congratulations, iAlbum is a great app!" -- Bertha, Australia

"Je dois en définitive reconnaître la qualité de votre travail. Plus rien à dire. Tout le monde aime cet album dans la famille." -- Rigobert, Geneva

"As good as it gets. Just a great app." -- Pyluort on iTunes

"I would like you to know that this morning I had one of those warm, fuzzy episodes when you find (rarely, might I add) that there is an app that will do exactly what you want it to. I love your iAlbum, and the changes from the very beginning to now are absolutely amazing. Well done." -- Donna, New Zealand

"Thanks! Rotation also is perfect now! Highly recommended app!!" -- Anita, USA


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