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Photo Shack 3

Management without Duplication

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Photo Shack 3 is an enhanced version of the famous Photo Shack app that now runs on all of your iOS devices. It continues to give you full control of your devices' Photos Libraries, while maintaining all the benefits of easy synchronization with iTunes, a single database of photos (Apple's own), and simple and powerful organization, annotation, and viewing of your photo and video collection. Organize your photos and videos into your own libraries, sub-libraries, and albums without having to duplicate any of them. Read, modify, and view your photos’ embedded EXIF and IPTC metadata, and export your photos out to iTunes File Sharing in their original image quality without recompression. Find your photos in seconds by doing word searches or high-speed visual scans. See your photos in their full resolution with smooth, extended zoom. Display your photos on your devices screen or a nearby screen, via AirPlay, and share them freely among apps and among friends, colleagues, and clients.

New Cornell Notes

Cornell University Famous Notetaking System

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New Cornell Notes is the easiest and most effective path to achieving straight A’s in grade school, middle school, high school, and college.

New Cornell Notes is patterned after the world renown “Cornell Note-taking system” originally developed at Cornell University and closely resembles the authentic look & feel of the traditional paper method of taking notes. Combining this student-proven note-taking system with the power, versatility, and portability of the Apple iPad provides a uniquely powerful approach to maximizing your learning potential and your grades.

HowRU Doing

Show the world how you feel, and seeing how they feel.

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HowRU Doing is a great way to stay in touch with the world during these uncertain times of a worldwide pandemic. Not only can you show the world how you are doing, you can also quickly see how everyone else in the world is doing at any time. Don't remain isolated and alone during this 'lockdown' environment and fear of venturing out. Tell the world if you're feeling blue or have something to be happy about, and see if any one else in the world feels like you do. Do feel unnecessarily alone. Get HowRU Doing and 'plug-in' to the world.

Help My Pet

Make sure your pet is taken care of if you can't come home for awhile.

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Help My Pet in these uncertain times during a worldwide pandemic, taking steps to insure your pet is taken care of in the event you cannot return home immediately is a prudent step for you and your pet.

Help My Pet can automatically contact one or more people you designate in the event you are unable to contact them yourself because of sudden hospitalization or incapacitation. Don't let your pet suffer without food or water if you cannot return home. Get Help My Pet and make sure your pet will be taken care of.